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SSBPA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to build and Maintain bike parks in Thurston County, WA.

Proposal Images for Yauger Bike Park

Check out some images of our first complete draft of the bike park proposal.  We’re currently gathering input from SSBPA members and the public so please don’t hesitate to contact us through facebook or our Yahoo Groups page.  Your feedback helps us to design a better plan.


YBP_Plan_Pg1 YBP_Plan_Pg2 YBP_Plan_Pg3 YBP_Plan_Pg4

Progress at Yauger Park – May 30th Build Party

We had a very successful build session and meeting on Saturday, May 30th.  Four of the board members attended and helped to apply a fresh coat of brand new, super nice dirt to the pump track.  We also swept the area for trash and reorganized and cleaned up our tool storage shed.

Our next meeting is at the park this Wednesday, 6:30 PM (June 3rd, 2015).  All are welcome to attend.  Our primary goal for this meeting is to close out the input process for the park layout and features.

Here are some pictures of the 6 hours we spent at the park on Saturday.

Morgan Misek
El Presidente ’15

IMG_20150530_101505 IMG_20150530_101511 IMG_20150530_101516 IMG_20150530_101521 IMG_20150530_101527 IMG_20150530_121125 IMG_20150530_121136 IMG_20150530_121141 IMG_20150530_123236nopm